Cats: tussling to the extreme?

I love Tippi. I love Manny.

They’re kinda meh about each other.

Strike that. Manny loves him some Tippi, but Tippi can’t stand Manny. Jealousy to the extreme. Manny tries to snuggle… Tippi moves. Manny tries to get on the bed with her… Tippi moves. (Unless it’s cold. Then she’s alright with it.)

But what worries me is the fighting. No  not fighting. Tussling. Manny tries to play, and Tippi hisses and attacks as if her life depends upon it. Then, when I break it up, she pounces on Manny. So it’s a mock battle that always seems to get out of control, Tippi hissing, Manny cornering her, yada yada. Tippi has had scars from their tussling: a scratched nose here, a scab behind her ear there.

This week I noticed Manny had gunk in his right eye. It got worse. I called the V. E. T. He and I went in today, and the vet said Manny’s right eye had been punctured. There’s a small but definite scratch, with a deeper “pit” in the center. Exactly like what a sharp claw would make. Antibiotic eye goo every 4 hours + oral antibiotics every 12, for 5 days, and fingers crossed it doesn’t ulcerate. Because I’d hate for him to lose an eye, and I don’t have that kind of money.

I hate the idea of declawing  but right now? If it’s that, or cats going blind? I’ll take the former.

Meanwhile, Manny is in the Swamp Room, hiding behind the washing machine. Which I have running hard and fast, as Manny pooped on himself on the way home. Much cleaning/shearing/forgiveness purring ensued.

Gads. As much as I love them both, I think I bit off much more than I can chew adopting two kitties. Don’t tell anyone I said that.

(FYI, Tippi is now thisclose to me. Claiming ownership I’m assuming, as she knows full well that I spent the afternoon with Manny.)

BTW, I stripped the sofa cushion to wash too. Whee!

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