Rat art, and kitties

Well, so far 2015 has been disappointing. Kitty disasters and freeeeeezing weather (it’s currently 8 degrees, wind chill -7). Bleah. Do better, 2015.

But when I took the trash out yesterday morning, I saw what can only be called Rat Art – the patterns of their tails and paws in the snow.


There were also larger prints, from the local alley/throwaway cats, which broke my heart. Cats aren’t supposed to be out in this weather, they don’t burrow in like rats do. Dammit humans, don’t be assholes.

Meanwhile, Tippi and Manny are tolerating each other. And great news; a friend in Potomac has spoken for Manny! It’d be a perfect fit, as she’s amazing (with animals, and in general), and though she already has two, she used to have a third, a ginger named Rosie, and so a new ginger kitty would be just and right.

Manny, in his spot. His eye looks better.
Tippi, deciding to own the crate.

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