New mattress! I need a new stepladder too.

After over 10 years, it was time to bid farewell to my old mattress. It’s been through a lot with me; recovering from divorce, illnesses, loves, hates, and new locations. But the firm was gone. In fact, it was downright wobbly.

So welcome New Mattress!

Damn it's tall.

It’s nice and firm, with a bit of memory foam stuff on top that I’m still getting used to.

But daaaamn is it high up! I have to scooch & hop to get up. (That didn’t happen at the store; apparently my bed is higher than their frames.)

Made up fully, it’s like Killamanjaro:

Get the grappling hook!

But I think I’ll get the hang of it. Perhaps I should have looked into a thinner boxspring? Naaah.

Kitties are freaked the hell out. Tippi, of course, is the first to break here fear spiral.

Or perhaps not.

After a bit, she decided that the best way to check out New Mattress is the old fashioned way.

On the human.

No word from Manny. Guessing he’s picking up the organs he plotzed.

I’m totally counting this as a resolution achieved, even though I think I forgot to list it. But my back – which has been hating the old mattress – thinks New Mattress definitely counts as an achievement.


4 thoughts on “New mattress! I need a new stepladder too.

  1. My bed is up high too! I have to sort of jump to get into it…then again I am short so I am used to having to jump to reach most things! πŸ˜› I love your bed! My daughter has the same frame. It won’t take long for them to love the new bed too!

    1. Right there with you! I think of it as The Bed Olympics. πŸ˜†

      The kitties are getting used to it, thanks to lots of their favorite toys. I’m big with bribery…

      1. Hahaha…and mine are total snugglers so If I’m anywhere they are afraid of…well they get over it fast as they want to be near me. Hahaha…”bed olympics”!

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