Failing at Kitchen: Sinless Cookies

This recipe has been making the rounds on Facebook, especially with gluten-free folks. I’m not gluten sensitive (except for the fact that I seem to love it), but the recipe looked so easy that I decided to give it a try.

(unsure as to the proper attribution, so if you know fill me in!)


Don’t those cookies look adorable? Whose a widdle ball of yummy? You are!

Unfortunately, mine didn’t turn out quite as cute…

*bah bummmm*

Ah well. They have personality, right? Or something.

The quick oats do absorb all the moisture from the bananas, and give the cookie a nice, if very banana-y, flavor.

Looks cookiefied!

What I like best is that even if I eat half a batch, it’s still only equal to a banana, half a cup of oatmeal, and a bit of peanut butter and chocolate.

I find that these ugly little blobs are perfect for pre-gym munching. I can grab some on my way out the door.

So, even though they’re not pretty, I’ll make em again. I may double up on the peanut butter next time, so the banana flavor is a bit more balanced.


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