Snowed in Valentine’s Day

I’m the kinda gal who lives for a theme. A reason, any reason, to give a day a bit of the ol’ Jazz Hands. But I’ve always fancied guys that have no interest in me. (It’s a gift I have.) So? Valentine’s Day is one where I do my own thing.

Not typically an issue, as I enjoy my own company, and Katsucon always hits town this time of year. Sadly, with the ol’ back on a 3 month hiatus, standing in line – not to mention sitting in hard con chairs – is off the table. So I stayed in.

Noshed my way through some homemade peanut butter cookies and Costco blackberries, washed down with part of a case of beer gifted to me by a brewer buddy that took pity on my inability to Merch Alley my way to happiness this weekend. Treated myself to Outlander on Amazon, and hunkered down with two of my favorite kittens.

Good thing I stayed at home. Because now? Snow squall!




Phew! Because I have no hotel at the Gaylord, I’d have had to drive home in this. Blech!

So tonight? I’m not gonna lie, I’m kinda smug. Off to lose terribly at Trivia Crack. Happy Valentine’s Day, Half Price Candy Day, or just plain ol’ Saturday to all!

Note: while it’ll probably cost damn near 600 clams for a hotel room at Katsucon next year? I’m really considering it. 24 hours of anime panels! Don’t tell me I’m the only one dying to check out all the snark once the hentai stuff starts rolling… (A roommate may be required. Or at least a lottery ticket win.)


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