Garden Watch: baby veggies! (To-be…)

Hopefully, at least. But I’m stoked to see any blooms on the pea plants. So had to share.
[UPDATE – achievement unlocked: bean babies!]

Meanwhile my pumpkin/butternut/petit pan/who knows are budding too. I’m excited, but if they really get big I’ll be trying to figure out how to properly support ’em:

And the tomatoes, brussel sprouts, cukes and peppers are busting out too.

And with all the squashness, and the torrential rain, I had to pull up the wee tomato plant in the “rain garden” (aka The Garden By The Gutterspout)… Yep, its twin is tomato-ing all over the place!

BTW yes, that’s cat hair on the tomato plant in front. Because I have a Wild Animal that loves to creep through the foliage…


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