Because Science: “Your charcoal doesn’t work.”

I’m typically not the kind of person who decides to prove someone wrong. I’m typically the kind of person who shrugs and doesn’t care enough to try to prove someone wrong.

But I do want to nail down the whole Grill Thing. Go beyond the instalight stuff and really get to the nitty-gritty. Why? S’mores. You can’t properly s’more after quickie charcoal. It’s already three ashes to the wind. Luckily, I have charcoal.

Charcoal that apparently doesn’t coal. Or char. Or something. At least according to a friend who tried.

I have a plan though. And it requires a chimney. I have one of those too. I MAKE FIRE.


My “trick”? Stuffing old newspaper on the bottom and the top. Poof! Grey edges achieved.


Then I took “my” Lime Cilantro Chicken, and popped it onto the grill.


Before I knew it, it was done. Plated with peaches, and my first cucumber of the season, made into a salad (sesame oil, rice vinegar, sugar in the raw).


Bonus? Grilling solo = MOAR LEFTOVERS!

Update: s’mores achieved! Yes, they’re made with leftover Easter marshmallows. Because I don’t judge you, y’all. (And yes part 2, that’s my tired 4th of July manicure. Classy!)


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