Peach picking in Pigtown

I love neighbors that grow stuff. I love them even more when they share with the class.

One of these generous folks decided to share her bounty with the usual neighborhood Facebook suspects. And so I jumped in. Because peaches!

Yes, this is Maryland. Yes, peaches don’t usually do well up here. But in her yard, boom!

She planted her peach tree in a large metal watering trough from a farm supply store. Very cool to look at, and the slick metal sides help keep the rats off the goodies. After gaping at the crop, I got to work. And these peaches are gorgeous!

After I picked what I figured would do me for the weekend – I didn’t want to be greedy – I trudged home. Popped ’em into a bowl, and voila! Delicious decor (that will last for about 15 minutes, or until I’ve whipped up lunch and put them in the fridge.)

I love her idea, and goodness knows I’ve got a backyard that bakes. Perhaps I should give this a try next year? I’ve always coveted those metal farm troughs…


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