Pumpkin Update: of course they’re all up high.

When I planted a boatload of squash like items, I didn’t think things through. I didn’t mind that they’d be everywhere. But I didn’t think about what would happen if pumpkin vines started growing up high, on the tips of said vines.

So of course they’re growing not low on the ground, but waaaay up high.


The wee one on the upper left is lower than the rest. So we’ll see how that goes. But the others? I’ve read that you can sling them, using stuff like old t-shirts, pantyhose (Note to self: buy pantyhose) and repurposed netted onion bags. I’ll try a bit of each if/when I need to.

And am I greedy because I want a few butternut and petit pan in among the pumpkins? Yeah. First Garden World problems…


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