Sexiest microwave ever!

I should have done this sooner. But if I had, I’d have missed Cher.

Yes, Cher. Because that’s what my microwave is (read: over $150, double that for installation.) But I needed a vent above the stove, and Cher has a killer one.

But first, TADA!

In all her radiant splendor!

I love her because she’s got buttons on the bottom, and I’m short. I love her because she’s shiny, but brushed (because I fingerprint smudge stuff like a 5 year old.) But she really turned my head when… BAM.


I love.

Because I don’t have venting to the outside? She vents inside. (Apparently all above-the-range ones do.)


Yes, I had it professionally installed. Because back surgery in ’13 plus me being a klutz equals better safe than sorry. But I did manage to do a good job on the grounding plug I wired earlier this year. Booyah!

The installer guys even took away my old, rusting tabletop microwave for me. Woot! So now? Nothing but popcorn y’all.


UPDATE: another thing I love? The space on the buffet. Buh-bye, table micro!


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