Ravens free practice day. Perks of living down the street.

Yep. Living hipdeep in B’more city has its perks. One is I can see Ravens Stadium from my window. Which means I can walk there.

I walked there today, for Ravens training camp practice thing. Go sportsball!

And I’ve found my favorite player. He’s gigantic, ginger, and I love that. (Always had a soft spot for redheads, from my first crush in the summer before 3rd grade, to Emma Stone. Yeah, I know she’s actually blonde. But I’d like to grow up to be her, even though I’m like 500 years older…)

I’d stay for the fireworks, but I’m melting. I’ll just watch them from my window.

Anyway, TADA – training pics!



I have goalpost antennae! I’m 5.

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