Community garden-ness

Guess what happens when you overplant a community garden?  Stuff gasps, then dies.

2015-08-13 15.03.12I’d be more upset about the passing of my squash vines if they’d actually produced something.  But now I know better; ONE squash plant per small surface area.  I also notice that the “free” tomato plants are spindly.  Guess that’s what happens if you 1) let last year’s tomatoes go to seed and sprout next year, and 2) don’t selectively pinch off stems when the plant starts growing.  Seriously, they’re like vines!  Kinda cool, but not very productive.  I’m looking at this season as my “let’s see what happens!” season.

But the popcorn from last year is up!  Yes, the lone stalk o’ popcorn is hale and hearty.  And has a single ear that I’m dying to watch dry…so I can pop it later.

Not bad for a 2nd generation plant!
Not bad for a 2nd generation plant!

But I did get one gloriously red tomato, and the brussel sprouts are looking happy to finally see the light of day. (The brussels are the bluish low plants in the center of the first photo.  Let’s hope I actually get sprouts…)

2015-08-13 15.30.31

I chopped up the tomato and added it to a bunch of purple cherry tomatoes I’d bought at the Farmer’s Market.  A bit of fresh-picked basil and a splash of basalmic glaze, and it was time to eat.  I love when it’s time to eat.

2015-08-13 16.07.25BTW, that little tomato wasn’t the only thing turning red.  My backyard habaneros are doing the same thing.  Hooray!2015-08-14 10.48.57Which begs the question; what’ll I do with all those super-duper spicy peppers?  Hmm…


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