Ravens free practice day. Perks of living down the street.

Yep. Living hipdeep in B’more city has its perks. One is I can see Ravens Stadium from my window. Which means I can walk there.

I walked there today, for Ravens training camp practice thing. Go sportsball!

And I’ve found my favorite player. He’s gigantic, ginger, and I love that. (Always had a soft spot for redheads, from my first crush in the summer before 3rd grade, to Emma Stone. Yeah, I know she’s actually blonde. But I’d like to grow up to be her, even though I’m like 500 years older…)

I’d stay for the fireworks, but I’m melting. I’ll just watch them from my window.

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Peach picking in Pigtown

I love neighbors that grow stuff. I love them even more when they share with the class.

One of these generous folks decided to share her bounty with the usual neighborhood Facebook suspects. And so I jumped in. Because peaches!

Yes, this is Maryland. Yes, peaches don’t usually do well up here. But in her yard, boom!

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Of Slurpees, squash, strikeouts and stills.

It’s been a busy week. Not only have I been attempting to get back into shape (butt, meet at-home Elliptical), I’ve been out and about.


Free Slurpee Day! My mostest favorite part of July after fireworks!


My section of the community garden! It’s the shady side, but they’re growing nicely. (It’s tough to see, but behind the lower left corner the squash is leaf-ing big time!)


Go O’s! The usual “beltway rivalry” between the O’s & the Nats was this week, and not only were my seat awesome, the O’s won!


Today’s task: a course in Shelter Photography. I’ve always wanted to help out in this way, and though it’s tough getting the kitties to strike a pose, when they do? Bliss!

Time to curl up with a glass of wine, a great book (The Night Circus), and chill out for a while. Happy Saturday!

Happy 5th of July!

Took advantage of being a mile away from Fort McHenry today. Gorgeous weather – 83 for the high – and a lovely breeze.

I’d put in a pic of the fireworks I saw last night, but my cameraphone doesn’t “do” focused shots o’ fireworks. Sigh.

Happy birthday, America! AMURICA!






The Color Run, and cheating on my cat

It was a gorgeous day today. One of those beautiful 60 degree days in November that almost makes you forget that December is coming up fast.
So I went out and checked out The Color Run, a groovy 5K that gets people doused in color – colored chalk – for charity.

Next year, gotta try this.


Then, I popped over to a friend’s house and spent time with her kitties. Mischief, a cat I’ve known since he was able to fit in my hand, still loves to use my torso as a pillow. Meanwhile, kitty Roosevelt wasn’t pleased that he got no torso napping.

I burn you with my jealousy!

Needless to say (but I still will), Tippi was not pleased that I came home smelling like Other Cats. Eventually though, she forgave.

Because snuggling trumps anger. Every time.