Community garden-ness

Guess what happens when you overplant a community garden?  Stuff gasps, then dies.

2015-08-13 15.03.12I’d be more upset about the passing of my squash vines if they’d actually produced something.  But now I know better; ONE squash plant per small surface area.  I also notice that the “free” tomato plants are spindly.  Guess that’s what happens if you 1) let last year’s tomatoes go to seed and sprout next year, and 2) don’t selectively pinch off stems when the plant starts growing.  Seriously, they’re like vines!  Kinda cool, but not very productive.  I’m looking at this season as my “let’s see what happens!” season. Continue reading “Community garden-ness”


How to make a pumpkin sling hammock thing.

I have a horrible plague-like cold right now. So of course I’m thinking about the project I forgot to flesh out: pumpkin slings! Or hammocks. Or supports. Do you.

As I’m lazy, I just whipped up a photogrid. But that means you can save it if you want to try! And if it makes sense. ALL THE BENADRYL.

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Pumpkin Update: of course they’re all up high.

When I planted a boatload of squash like items, I didn’t think things through. I didn’t mind that they’d be everywhere. But I didn’t think about what would happen if pumpkin vines started growing up high, on the tips of said vines.

So of course they’re growing not low on the ground, but waaaay up high.


The wee one on the upper left is lower than the rest. So we’ll see how that goes. But the others? I’ve read that you can sling them, using stuff like old t-shirts, pantyhose (Note to self: buy pantyhose) and repurposed netted onion bags. I’ll try a bit of each if/when I need to.

And am I greedy because I want a few butternut and petit pan in among the pumpkins? Yeah. First Garden World problems…

Peach picking in Pigtown

I love neighbors that grow stuff. I love them even more when they share with the class.

One of these generous folks decided to share her bounty with the usual neighborhood Facebook suspects. And so I jumped in. Because peaches!

Yes, this is Maryland. Yes, peaches don’t usually do well up here. But in her yard, boom!

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Garden Watch: baby veggies! (To-be…)

Hopefully, at least. But I’m stoked to see any blooms on the pea plants. So had to share.
[UPDATE – achievement unlocked: bean babies!]

Meanwhile my pumpkin/butternut/petit pan/who knows are budding too. I’m excited, but if they really get big I’ll be trying to figure out how to properly support ’em:

And the tomatoes, brussel sprouts, cukes and peppers are busting out too.

And with all the squashness, and the torrential rain, I had to pull up the wee tomato plant in the “rain garden” (aka The Garden By The Gutterspout)… Yep, its twin is tomato-ing all over the place!

BTW yes, that’s cat hair on the tomato plant in front. Because I have a Wild Animal that loves to creep through the foliage…

Good Mooooorning Vietnam! (aka, what my garden looks like right now.)

Yes, war movies are thought provoking. But every time I see a movie about the Vietnam War, I can’t help but marvel at all the lush greenery. It’s a thing.

Okay so I don’t have that level of gorgeous green, but my backyard is definitely blooming. Why? Because I decided to Leave No Seedlings Behind. I also ran out of seedling pots, and threw a bunch of seeds on the ground. They sprouted.

Good news, yes they’re thriving! Bad(ish) news, they’re mostly pumpkin and butternut, and no actual squash yet.

But I have hopes….

BTW, I’d keep up with this blog a bit more regularly if WordPress would let me work on two blogs in their app. My bad.