I know. I’ve already posted about my one ripe mater. But I’m so goshdarn proud of the little gal I have to do it again.

I'm a proud momma. A momma that can't wait to sink her teeth in. What?

But there’s more than just the one. In fact, there’s a veritable cornucopia of tomatoes to be! (Seriously, I could fill a cornucopia. A small one at least.)

On the same plant as Big Red:

Four greenies in a clump! And Greek basil in the background.

And meanwhile, on Husky Cherry Red – otherwise known as The Gnome Bush, for obvious reasons – tons of baby tomatoes!

Gnome Bush. With Gnome.

I’m really amazed at these plants; they’ve rebounded nicely from the rat attacks earlier this summer.

They won't get much bigger, but they'll be delicious.
Peek a boo! Ima eat you! Later.

Oh, and in case you were wondering what type of tomato produced Big Red, it’s a Patio. And yes, I do use “unnatural” fertilizer. Because my daddy used Miracle Gro, and I can’t think for myself. But all in all, not too shabby for container gardens!

Now, to figure out how to plant tomatoes in the yard next year, without feeding all the rats.


Sunday Shot: September tomato


Just one. Well okay, I have a slew of tiny little green ones too, but this is the only tomato-y looking tomato.

I plan on letting it get a nice, deep shade of red, then chomping into it. Let’s hope that the rats can’t climb up to the deck….

This year’s garden. So far.

I love the spring. Such hope for a bountiful harvest. So much rain and no baking plants.

I still want to fill my huge yellow pots with soil & plant…something. Dunno what yet. But seeing the roses and strawberries? I’m excited.

Pansies, bouncing back from a rat attack.
Tea roses, healthier now that they're separated & planted!
Chives: 4th year & going strong!
Two pepper plants and a patio tomato. Hope they'll thrive in the ground.
Not to be out done, my full sized roses are budding too. Yayz!
A look at the garden, with the bushy oregano & lemon balm.
Potted rosemary, growing nicely.
My strawberries are strawberry-ing!

Materwatch: Check it ahhh-ut!

Look at Mater go! And I have the same amount of tomatoes in my fridge. Not too shabby! Thick skins on the fruit, but with the absolute killer heat in B’more of late? Not surprising.

The Thai Ornamental Pepper is to Mater’s right, Mr. Parsley & the ladies – Mum 7 Lavender – are to the left. (Yeah I anthropomorphosize everything. What?) Sage. Basil, Mary-gold & Zinny are on the other side of the deck with Rosemary & her mini-me. I’m hoping the temps will hold so they can stay where they are.

I may try for some catnip and/or edible grass for any New Addition that comes along this fall….

Update: Materwatch — now a’mater-ed.

Remember when I got excited about the blooms Mater sent out?  And then all the tomatoes Mater was throwing out into the world?

Well, since he did his level best to remain alive while I was away, he’s been hard at work ripening those tomatoes.  Yay!  The skins on the little jewels are a bit thick.  But then again so am I.  Shared genetics, I suppose.

I’ve sliced a few on to salads, but the pinnacle of tomato achievement, the cheese-and-tomato sandwich, has not yet been realized.  Jealous?  After these pics you will be.  You.  Will.  Be.

Caveat:  remember, this is a “Patio” tomato plant, so the tomatoes are only supposed to be 2″ max.  Though Mater has blown through that and has given several larger specimens.  Still, nothing that will take up an entire slice of Wonder Bread.  Yet.  Hell, I can always slice several onto a sammich.  It’s been done before.