Moving stuff around. Exhausting, but worth it.

I bought the little ones a huge new cat tree from Amazon. Free shipping! Right to my door!

Problem? After I put it together, I didn’t think I had any place to put it. Oops. So I put it by the front door. All was well until the mailman came….

And then Manny headed for the hills. So? Let the mad spiral of home redecorating commence!

First, I moved the brown 4×4 Expedit to the 2nd bedroom (getting rid of the old, wobbly IKEA 3 drawer unit I’d been longing to toss.) That freed up the space below Tweaky the gazelle reindeer downstairs. Hello, Expedit sofa table – back to your old digs! I decided to put the shoe rack next to the table, rather than under it, and then plop the plant & the scratching post in their usual locations.


Then, moving the small tables to either side of the loveseat, and re-positioning the modem thingy.


Next? Paring down the library. What am keeping because I love, and what’s hanging out simply because I’m proud of myself for finishing it? The cat tree slid right in, with just enough tension to keep it from wobbling. Win!

The 4×4 as nightstand, and holder of some stuff that will be given away.

Meanwhile, Tippi will cut you if you try to move her from her new favorite place; on the scratcher with a window view.

Phew! Time for (cheap) champagne! Kampai!


Puttin’ up shelves.

I tend to have grand ideas about how I’m going to try things. And then I buy the things I need. And then time passes.
I worried that my “put in shelves in the kitchen” idea was destined for the time passing thing. But hello, 750 degree weather! I hunkered down in my house and got to shelve-ing.

First shelf, and I figured I might stop. Perhaps another would be overkill? I’d be junking up the wall? But I didn’t like the way it looked. The shelves are supposed to be festive and useful, a way to look at & easily use some of my favorite beer glasses. This looked like a messy hodgepodge.

Pay no attention to the kitten in the shot. Or the mop outside. Or...oh well, I'm a slob.

So after staring at the shelf as if waiting for it to give me design tips, I decided to put up shelf #2. A smaller shelf, that I staggered so I could:

1) put taller things on the open end, if I wanted to, and
2) not drive myself crazy with constantly wondering if the shelves match up properly.

I think the second shelf makes a nice difference. There’s a weird bump on the lower shelf’s side bracket, where the wall decided that it was going to be a pain in my butt & bubble out. But I’m trying to be zen and live with it….

Ahhhhh, the happy. So much happy.

Now I’m able to grab what I like, I have a little collection of coolness, and I kept myself from melting by staying inside. Success!

Kitchen redesign, part 1

Well I’ve been tinkering around the kitchen for months. A little here, a bit there. A rail for to hang stuff:

I promise, this'll be less crappy. Sometime.

And now, after a trip to Ikea this morning? A new cookbook/microwave/stuff holder, and a blue “garden-ness holder”:


Ahhhhh. That’s better. I’m in love. I’ve wanted to see how an Expedit on wheels would work in my kitchen. And it works perfectly! Best yet; this was in the as-is section of the store, so not only was it discounted, it was fully assembled! A special shout out to a neighbor that was passing by when I got home & brought it up the stairs for me. Yayz!

I still need to hang up the shelves (that I so artfully plopped in front of the fridge) . And buy a something to hold the larger plant pots. And maybe get a butcher block top for the new Expedit “banquet”. Then there’s always the new faucet I picked up during the Memorial Day sales, to replace the one that I stripped during my hose-to-sink trials.

So much to do….

Sunday Shot: tonight’s hyperactivity

I’ve been obsessed with two things in my kitchen: a microwave/vent over the stove, and a better way to store all the kitchen effluvium I have crammed everywhere.

Tonight I took a small step towards dealing with the second one by moving the microwave over to a standing wine shelf thingy.

Then I shifted the toaster and the water kettle to where the microwave was.


So now I have a “bigger” work area next to the stove!


Next? Shelves above the banquet….

Updating bathroom cabinets for $1.99

I’m a notorious cheapskate when it comes to buying home decor.  I also have a short attention span.  This fun combo can make me wanna crawl under my bed, wave my magic wand and shout “Accio coolstuff!”  (What?  It’s a Harry Potter special.  Just because it’s plastic doesn’t mean it won’t work.  Probably.)  But since the cat isn’t into sharing her favorite space with me, I have to crawl up and back into the light of day.  Where I have no idea what to do to give my house that somethin’ somethin’ it needs.  Mostly because I have no idea what that somthin’ is, but hey.

I did get closer this weekend though.  While touring World Market with a friend, I stumbled on their knobs.  No, I didn’t fall face-first into a buxom cashier.  I’m classier than that.  Okay, I’m not but I did manage to stay on my feet without stumbling for the entire shopping trip, which is probably a new record for me.

Knob-knobs.  Like hardware store knobs, but cuter.  And cheaper!  Plus, since they have open stock I could grab two instead of a full six-pack, as many stylish hardware knobs are packaged.

Things started out rough, as the new knobs didn’t fit the old holes.  Sigh.


But hey — I have a drill!  Woot!  Only a few moments of “what size bit thingy do I use?”…


And awaaaaay I went.  I didn’t want to make the new holes too big, because I’m sure that I’ll end up switching them in a year or so.  Short attention span, remember?  And according to Murphy’s Law, the next cute bit of hardware I find will have smaller screws, and I don’t want floppy knobs.  Make of that what you will.

After I slid in the new hardware, I popped on the washer (always nice if you worry about the stability of your new hardware, or don’t want said new hardware to mar the door, or just want a tighter fit), swung on the bolts:


Fin.  Now there’s a little bit of flowery happy on my cabinets.  Hooray!  Estimated time to complete: about 2 minutes.  Seriously.  That’s something even a lazybones like me can get behind.

Hallway ala Multiplex

Finally, I have hung up the movie posters I’ve had for years. Well, not all of them, but enough to liven up the looong wall in the basement.

To be honest, I framed these puppies awhile back, but couldn’t figure out how to pop open the hanger on the back of the frame (that’s what I get for buying the cheapie frames from the craft store. 50% off = you get what you pay for.)

Today, while doing my usual “it’s a holiday, clean!” weirdness, I thought about trying to pry the hanger up with a razor scraper. Perfect!

And now things look a little less messy, and a little more like what I had envisioned. Maybe I’ll hang up one or two more, which would round out my collection of posters. But that’s a tomorrow (read: next year) project.


Oh, and happy 4th of July, everyone!

Deadheaded roses = bouquet

Each time I see a blooming plant, I automatically check it for blooms that have passed their shelf life. Can’t help it. My dad always said it makes the plant healthier if you remove the spent blossoms, because then the plant can send the nutrition that would have gone to the soon-to-be-no-more flowers to other parts of the plant. Plus, you get more blooms.

Addicted to blossoming things as I am, I have been known to deadhead roses and mums as I walk around the neighborhood. It’s a sickness.

Today, when I was removing some gone-off tea roses (in my own collection…this time) I didn’t want to see them go away just yet.

So I grabbed a martini glass & plopped them in. Not too shabby.


The short stems from deadheading work perfectly in the shallow glass. The roses half-float, a look I’ve always liked.

Yeah, they won’t last long, but I’ll get a kick out of seeing them for a day or two.