Out & About: Fort McHenry

Love all the history-ness of Baltimore. Maybe because I grew up in the DC ‘burbs. Maybe because I’m a history nerd. Potato, po-taaah-to.

Anyway, got up off it and headed over to Fort McHenry today. Why? The usual reason; a friend visiting from out of town was gobsmacked that I’d never been. So we went.

And it’s awesome. Even with the chilly breeze, I can see myself heading here often.

Photos. Let me show you them. It’s easy picking for good shots here.

Token majestic shot.
Cannons go boom! Well, not anymore, as they're filled with concrete.
Inside the fort.
Still more cannons. Because they're awesome.
One of the actual bombs that were bursting in air! Kewl!
More big cannons.

Sunday Shot: Poe’s cognac and a St. Patty’s Guinness

This is St. Patty’s day weekend. Lots of Irishness, but also a bit of Poe. At the Westminster Church this past Saturday, they have a yearly Cask of Amontillado Tasting Among the Bones, a day of music, costumes… and crypts. *cue ominous music* There was also booze sampling and some very good cheese and grapes. This is now gonna be A Thing on my yearly social calendar.

Today, I headed out for a pint of Guinness, and the folks at Pickles Pub made it all purty. Mmmmm, art tastes good.

Even though the Poe toaster is gone, fans still keep the poet well lubed.
Clover! Festive! I drank it anyway!

Oh, and lest you think all I did this weekend was drink, I did make some lamb stew. What I Learned: adding too much stout to a stew makes it bitter. A touch of brown sugar fixes it pretty well.

Stew. With tons of mushrooms. Because they're delicious.

Mmmmm, pi.

Happy Pi Day! 3/14, get it? *crickets*

Fine. I’m a nerd. But I’m a nerd that likes to celebrate. And also, pie. But since I’m also a lazy nerd, I made crunch instead.

Whazzat? It’s when you take a box of cake mix, stir in pecans & 1/2 cup melted butter (or margarine, you do you), and sprinkle it over a 9×13 Pyrex filled with 2 cans of cherry pie filling. Or apple pie filling. Or, as my Grossie used to do, a can of crushed pineapple & a pint of fresh blueberries.


All cooked!
Side view, with cherry deliciousness
Get in mah belly!

No matter what you do today, make sure you save room for pi(e). For science!

Sunday Shot: National Aquarium

This was a chilly week. I always look forward to March, thinking “hooray, it’s warming up!” But sadly, it’s still cold. (Note: we’re supposed to be getting snow Wednesday & there’s been flurries here and there this weekend…. And next weekend is going to be in the 60s. So the weather is just as wonky as I am.)

After a morning appointment, I decided to walk over to the National Aquarium. They’re re-doing a huge section, but there’s still plenty to see. And it was pretty empty that day, yay!

Sexy and I know it.
He's got nothing to say.
Well, hello.
Don't hate the player. Hate the camouflage.
ZOMG batsies! Cuuuute!

Sunday Shot: Oscar Bundt


I love the Oscars. I try to see all the nominated films, make guesses as to who will win (dust off shelf space, Hathaway, Day-Lewis & Affleck!) and of course, eat. This year I decided to skip my usual bottle o’ bubbly (because I was too pooped after walking around the B’More Health Fair) and stick to a nice red that I have at home. But I need a dessert! Hello, Bundt. It’s a mix, but I decided to sprinkle some of pecan bits on to make it more festive. I plan on topping slices (because who eats just one slice of cake?) with cherry pie filling. Because cherry pie filling is delicious. However, now that I see how nicely this cake rests on the pecans – no soggy bits to scrape off the rack – I may do this more often.

Ravens Superbowl Parade!

It’s crazy up in Pigtown y’all. The Ravens have come home, and Baltimore is throwin’ a party. Things are so packed at M&T there are helicopters announcing “M&T Stadium is filled to capacity. There will be no more people allowed inside.”


But if you want to make like you were there? I can do that….

Bling bling, like a Championship ring! (Thank you, t-shirt selling dude, for teaching me that one.)