Pigtown Festival & Das Best Oktoberfest

This is the kind of weekend that I adore. The “I live within walking distance of awesome” kinda weekend.

Today? A twofer: the Pigtown Festival, and a Baltimore Beer Week extravaganza called Das Best Oktoberfest, which was held over at M&T Bank Stadium.

I’m still kinda buzzed from all the beer – thanks, Groupon! – so I’ll let pictures do the talking. Much love to the chalk art & Pigtown Races (aka the “Squeakness”), and to the red cabbage on my bratwurst. Coulda eaten a pail of that deliciousness.

Pigtown Festival!
Das Best Oktoberfest!

Arson in Pigtown: Zips Drycleaners

“Zips burned down.”

That’s what I heard when I headed out to pick up my cup of coffee (and waffle) at Cafe Jovial this morning.  Apparently somebody broke into the Zips Drycleaners late last night or early this morning, found no money, and torched the place.  Nice trick, as the shops in the little strip mall that Zips shares all have big metal rolling covers.  Which means 1) somebody was trying to prove a point by being an asshole, or 2) it was an inside job.

I don’t know which one I’m hopeful for.  Right now I just wish that it hadn’t happened.  Here in Pigtown we’ve been dying for a dry cleaning shop, and now?  Not only is Zips closed, but the little diner Tony’s has to close today too.  Smoke = health hazard = the owners of Tony’s have to throw out EVERYTHING.  Nice from a make-sure-food-is-safe standpoint, but totally sucks for the owners, and the folks that go to Tony’s.

One step forward, two steps back, indeed.

2013-04-21 09.55.12
Tony’s, closed for business.
2013-04-21 09.54.43
No, not hail. Broken glass.
2013-04-21 09.54.31
Info for folks who had items at Zips.
2013-04-21 09.53.57
The little strip mall, post-arson.

Sunday Shot: The Walking Dead

I love horror movies. And horror stories. And horror comics. Basically anything scary. Halloween is my favorite time of year. (It doesn’t hurt to have the main colors of the season be orange and purple, my favorites.)

So when Tommy’s Downtown Tavern decided to start having The Walking Dead viewing parties? I’m so totally in.

Hooray for zombies, beer and a group of folks who enjoy both!


A little bit of The Governor….

Ravens Superbowl Parade!

It’s crazy up in Pigtown y’all. The Ravens have come home, and Baltimore is throwin’ a party. Things are so packed at M&T there are helicopters announcing “M&T Stadium is filled to capacity. There will be no more people allowed inside.”


But if you want to make like you were there? I can do that….

Bling bling, like a Championship ring! (Thank you, t-shirt selling dude, for teaching me that one.)


Sunday Shot: Ravens win the Superbowl!

Ravens won the Superbowl! Yayz! I even broke my cardinal rule and watched the game. It was definitely a knuckle biter, and both teams kicked serious tuchas. But the Ravens won it, and even a no-nothing-about-football gal like me got psyched. And it’s nice to see Ray Lewis go out on such a high.

Picture the scene in my hood during and after the game. You don’t have to; here ’tis! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m headed back out to celebrate with my neighborhood. Good job, Ravens!


First off, shots were given at Tommy’s Downtown Tavern for each Ravens touchdown. Needless to say I got sauced pretty quick. Then, when it was all said & done, Pigtown went crazy. Was it as packed as Fells Point? No. But we’re just as hyped.

Plus, this guy tried to light up a Steelers jersey. Points for effort.





Sunday Shot: when Ravens come to town

Yaaay Ravens! Today’s wild card game against the Indianapolis Colts had the ol’ Purple and Black win it! And that’s all I know about the football.

But I do like my new home team (though I’ll have a soft spot for the Redskins for always.) I also like being able to walk over to the stadium, being as how it’s literally right down the street.

So today, it’s a peek at what my neighborhood looks like when it’s game day. Go sports!

Kids play ball during tailgates!

Tons of people wandering about looking festive!

Groovy private pre-game digs for the die hard (& connected) fans!

Purple passion everywhere!

Guy Fieri! (Okay, it’s a dressed up cutout. But still fun.)

Free live music – and it doesn’t suck!

Gameday Warehouse, where you can be inside for pre-gaming (or for the whole game, I’m thinking.)

Drunk muppets! Well, at least this one’s a fan.

Hooray for festive sports stuff! Go Ravens! Yayz!

Sunday Shot: Small Business Saturday

I used to love Black Friday. No longer. It’s crowded, and the deals aren’t very good (read: you can get the same bargains later in the season). Oh, I still head to the mall; nothing like watching the huddled masses yearning to save a buck. But I don’t really shop. This year? I grabbed a few things from BB&B, where everything was 20% off, no coupon required. The usual with-coupon deal, so I snagged an old- timey straw dispenser. Me likey.

But I really likey Small Business Saturday. The day after Black Friday, when folks are asked to shop local. There was a nice little goings-on here in Pigtown.

Really cute, right?

I also wandered over to the American Visionary Arts Museum for BAZAART, their yearly local crafters thang. But I spent my hard-earned in my hood.

A rep from the mayor’s office came by to read a proclamation – “today is Small Business Saturday in Pigtown!”, etc. – which was very nice. There was press & most importantly, the Pigtown Pig. Yay pig!

Santa Pig!

Even with the cold wind, it was a nice day. My local booty? Homemade lavender salt scrub from Revamp Variety (a groovy new shop on Washington Blvd), and hamentashen + a gingerbread man from Tasty Creations Bakery (my favorite place in Pigtown).

What else to do after that, but pour a glass of vino, run the jacuzzi & enjoy my purchases?


Oh, and did I mention that the hamentashen was still warm from the oven? Yeah baby!

Small Business Saturday, you’re my favorite.