Bracelet rack. Because I has problem.

I love jewelry. I really, really love silly, not expensive jewelry (as opposed to cheap jewelry, which I’m not a fan of, whatever the price). I’ve got quite the collection.

And since my “sciatica” is a ruptured/herniated disc that needs surgery (ick), I’ve decided to make things easier on myself and pop up a rail for my bracelets. Thanks, Ikea!


I’ve decided to put some other stuff on it too, so I don’t feel like a complete bracelet addict. Although I really am.


Kitchen redesign, part 1

Well I’ve been tinkering around the kitchen for months. A little here, a bit there. A rail for to hang stuff:

I promise, this'll be less crappy. Sometime.

And now, after a trip to Ikea this morning? A new cookbook/microwave/stuff holder, and a blue “garden-ness holder”:


Ahhhhh. That’s better. I’m in love. I’ve wanted to see how an Expedit on wheels would work in my kitchen. And it works perfectly! Best yet; this was in the as-is section of the store, so not only was it discounted, it was fully assembled! A special shout out to a neighbor that was passing by when I got home & brought it up the stairs for me. Yayz!

I still need to hang up the shelves (that I so artfully plopped in front of the fridge) . And buy a something to hold the larger plant pots. And maybe get a butcher block top for the new Expedit “banquet”. Then there’s always the new faucet I picked up during the Memorial Day sales, to replace the one that I stripped during my hose-to-sink trials.

So much to do….

Hooks. A very good thing.

If there’s one thing I have learned being a homeowner (a word that still makes me giggle because it now applies to me), it’s that futzing around the house never gets old.

My bedroom closet, now nice and (semi) sorted, could use a tweak. Mostly because I am one of those scarf people. I like scarves. Wear em often. Even in the summer. Yep, one of THOSE people.

So I dug up my “stuff I bought at IKEA figuring I would want it at some point” box. Grabbed a couple of BJÄRNUM hooks, and sunk them into the side of the closet. That space beside the door was taunting me dammit. It had to be schooled.

So now I have a place to hang my most-often-used neck fabric.


I may put a couple more on the wall next to them. Since these suckers can fold up – always a nice trick – I can always fold ones that aren’t in use.

Mmmm. I love my new hangers. And I love any reason to whip out the drill. Well, any easy reason to whip out the drill.

Oh – and I bit the bullet & bought a fence for the backyard! Or rather, I paid people to come and fence my backyard. I should be backyard-tastic in a month or so. More to come….

I’m in love with a coat rack. What?

Fab Friday Bargain: Contemporary Tree Coat Stand

You want to be by my front door.

I fell in love with this coat rack when I saw this Sunday’s Once Upon A Time episode, “Hat Trick”.  (Which I just finished watching; thanks DeVeeR!)  So gorgeous.  And the description is right on; I love the sculptural element, and I love the groovy-hatrack-ness of it all.

Had to do some surfing…and more surfing…and still more surfing (I am nothing if not over focused).  So when I finally found it?  Had to make sure I could save it, so I could find it easily.  And look at it.  Because nothing says “I’m in a safe, healthy place” than Google-ing a coat rack like it’s an ex.

Ah, but our love is not to be; the rack ain’t sold in the States.  Sad sigh.

‘Tis pretty, though.

$25 bucks equals a groovy closet!

I love the closets in my bedrooms.  They’re not walk-ins, but they’re large enough for me to duck into and grab things from the far corners.  But I’ve had a huge “making do” drawer thingy from IKEA gakking up prime real estate in my bedroom; fine enough for awhile, but I’ve been jonesing to pretty things up for over a year now.  Plus, it blocks the gorgeous view of the closet shelf thang that my friend put up for me.  And we can’t block the pretty now, can we?  No, we can’t.

So, after obsessing for months doing my due diligence in the ol’ research department, I finally chose a few add-ons to the closet brand I’d started with.  This brand lets you hang stuff up on their track system, but since nothing really fit just-so in the spaces that way, I decided to go with floor models.  And I’m not too bummed.  In fact, I’m kinda digging the outcome.

Not to shabby for shelling out $25, right?  Actually it’s more like $22, since one piece was about ten bucks and the other was about 12.  Okay, so it’d be $34 if I count the three-stack piece I’ve had for awhile now (and had been using…well, to stash crap in the closet.)  The acid-trip baskets are from my scrounging around Target during their Missoni blowout.  I do love acid trips!  To look at, not to be on.  I’m guessing.  Let’s just say an actual acid trip is something I’m not dying to try out.  Blergh.  Give me Pink Floyd and Steppenwolf straight up, thank you.

Ahh.  I feel so much better with a sorted closet.  I can see my stuff!  The socks and dedicates are in my dresser, the sweaters and jeans are with the rest of my “heading out into the world” clothes, and I ended up spending at least a third of what I’d figured it would cost if I went with other items.  Huzzah!

On a side note, my hangers face in two different directions.  That’s because I’m testing myself; about a month ago I hung everything the “wrong” way (hanger hook opening out front instead of out to the back).  If I wear the item, it gets reversed to it’s just and right position.  At the end of this year… it’s hardcore Osoji, bitches!  Word, I’ll be rockin’ it old-school, cleaning out all the old — in this case all the stuff that has a hanger facing the wrong direction — and booting it out the door.  Yeah, I am feeling a bit unsettled about what could be The Great Pitchout, but I’ll be a big girl.  Probably.  Big girls cry, yes?

What have I learned, now that I can see what’s going on in there?

* I have a shitton of grey stuff.

* I have the fashion sense of a 5-year-old, with the sparkles, fringe, metallics and patterns.

* I buy stuff based on my knee-jerk reaction just like I do for the house, instead of trying to figure out if pieces go with what I’ve already got.

* Considering what I’ve got hanging on the door, I’m apparently in a Stripes Period.

The only one who doesn’t love the new closet?  Miss Z.  She’s not even happy about the pink jingleball that I rolled out to entice her to love the new.  Z loved being able to crawl into the pile o’ baskets & bags at the bottom of my closet.  No longer, Miss.  Sorry.

She’s not speaking to me at the moment.  She’ll come around.  Right?

Happiness is a new shelf.

Scored a stainless steel shelf from the As-Is Dept of IKEA, and now my assorted kitchen sink stuff is no longer cluttering the countertop! Yay – finally! So it doesn’t really "go" with the cabinets? Bah. Me likey!

Yeah, so all that sink stuff is now cluttering the shelf…but it looks like an organized clutter. Boo-yah! I even managed to pack up the last bits of Halloween decor – *snif* – and pop up a bit of Xmas. But more on that later.

Now if I could swing fencing the backyard (and before that, having the yard/property lines officially marked; why that costs over $500 I’ll never understand). Mmmmm.

A gal has gotta have a dream. For now, I’m just gonna stare at this shelf and smile.

Hooking up.

Thanks to the IKEA as-is department, I have a rail! And I used it to hang up the little pig kitchen stuff I’ve been grabbing up (thanks, HomeGoods).

I also put up a Grundtal tp holder, but mounted it vertically, so I can use it as a paper towel holder.

Now I feel a little more put together. For me, that’s a big thing.

Next up? Another rail – maybe the thinner ones, so I can hang up the little wire baskets and get ’em off the counter….